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Hundrx is a cutting-edge technology solution that enhances the functionality of Twitter by integrating web3 technology and payment infrastructure.

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Used by the most influentual accounts on Twitter

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True influence measured as Social capital

The Hundrx Chrome extension transforms each Twitter account into a unique social token.

Platform offers a compelling game theory for holding social tokens. Hundrx makes it easier for users to conduct transactions and trade their social tokens.

New asset class.

Hundrx is a game-changer in the world of social media, allowing users to turn any Twitter profile into valuable, tradable assets.


Every Twitter account has own domain name & web site

Each social token has its own HNS (Hundrx Name Service). HNS is compactable with DNS and works also like regular domain name (with * TLD).

Permissionless tokenization

With Hundrx, any Twitter account can be tokenized.

Social tokens can be sold at any time, providing users with a new way to monetize their online presence.


Enhanced flexibility and liquidity for every Twitter users

Hundrx operates on a programmatic, smart contract-based system that allows users to trade tokens at any time without the need to find a buyer.

Upgrade your Twitter and trade social tokens

The power to interact and trade on Twitter in a whole new way.

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People are surprised

Our software is so simple that people can’t help but fall in love with it. Simplicity is easy when you just skip tons of mission-critical features.

    • Jesse Eckel
      Investor, Entrepreneur, Creator

      It’s a rad concept! I’ll take a look at the documentation and look around🥳

    • Gatis Parols
      CEO of DoRac

      An interesting concept never seen before. I will definitely be following its growth and progress!

    • Yosef Shaftal
      Executive Director at Israeli Blockchain Association

      I could have never imagined that there was a totally different dimension which could be opened just with one click.

    • Mardo Soo
      Advisor an Investor

      Social tokens allow individuals to monetize their influence and create new forms of value in the digital economy. With the growing interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) and the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies, social tokens represent a natural evolution in the way people interact and transact in the digital world.

Why social tokens?

Social networks are the most powerful tools because of the network effect.
And Hundrx is network effect on steroids.

Viral & 100X engagement

Most valuable KPI on every social network is engagement. Hundrx makes it 100x more valuable.

  • Balanced incentives
  • Rewarding content
  • Rewarding engagement
  • Bot-less experience
  • Loyal followers

Auto-claim airdrops

Incentivize followers with retweet-to-airdrop actions.

  • Make tweets viral
  • Boost engagement
  • Increase reach
  • Grow your followers
  • Reward your community

Bot detection & forensics

Most valuable KPI on every social network is engagement. Hundrx makes it 100x more valuable.

  • Influencer's bot analysis
  • Compare Social cap.
  • Hide tweets by bots
  • Engage only with humans

Frequently asked questions

Find the Answers You Need: A Comprehensive Guide to Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions.

    • What blockchain is Hundrx built on?

      Hundrx is built on the Polygon blockchain.

    • What browser can Hundrx be installed on?

      For now, Chrome, Brave and Opera are the only browsers that the Hundrx extension can be installed on. Other browsers are on the pipeline.

    • How does Hundrx work?

      Hundrx browser extension adds token information for each Twitter account. Users are then able to buy/sell each individual account’s token. The token price is set by the supply formula (bound curve). More buyers will generate more tokens and the price will increase. By selling off, the tokens will get burned and the price will drop.

    • Does Hundrx have its own native token?

      Yes, $DRX is the native token for the Hundrx network and it is the only token that can be used to buy/sell social tokens (accounts converted to social tokens).

    • How to get Hundrx $DRX native tokens?

      To get $DRX tokens, simply install the Hundrx browser extension on your computer, and follow the instructions provided. With the extension, you can easily get $DRX and enjoy all the benefits of Twitter Web3.

    • Do the Twitter account owners get royalties?

      By default social token minter has an option to voluntarily donate a percentage of the tokens to the Twitter account’s owner.

    • Do I need to have previous experience in the crypto space?

      No. Hundrx’s genius truly lies in its simplicity and was created for everyone, every social media user.

    • Can we expect more inventory features?

      In life it’s really better to never expect anything at all.

    • How are new social tokens minted?

      Once someone buys a particular social token, new ones are immediately automatically minted.

    • What can cause an increase in the price of a particular token?

      An increase in demand and awareness of any social token can cause its price to increase. Social token price is set by bound curve.